Ted 2 (2015)



Here we go again! The sequel to Seth McFarlane‘s hysterically funny 2012 hit, about a crude teddy bear that comes to life.

The film takes place 6 months after John (played by Mark Whalberg) has divorced from fiancee of the first film, Lori. Ted (voiced by McFarlane) is marrying Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) and all is near-enough well. Flash forward to three years later, and amids the couples’ arguing and aggressiveness, they decide to have a baby. In order to qualify as an adoptive parent, Ted is then forced to prove that he is a person within the court of law – with the help of new love interest and trainee lawyer Samantha (played by Amanda Seyfried), and even a small part to play by the one and only Morgan Freeman.

The first laugh-out-loud moment comes fairly early on when Ted and John go to a sperm bank in order to deposit a sample for Teds’ baby, and the duo get caught up in the sample room.

Donny (Giovanni Ribisi) makes an appearance, now working for Hasbro, the toy company, and once again makes trouble for the pair as he tries desperately to grab the bear that he has always wanted.

With ups and downs, and even a trip to Comic-Con with a hilarious encounter with a model of the Starship Enterprise, the film flows well, and the ridiculous adventures that ensue almost seem believable and obvious in the way that the chain of events are presented to the audience. With slight chuckles at some moments, and a couple of decent belly-laughs, Ted 2 lived up to the hype that surrounds it. With references to the first film, with Thunder Buddies and Flash Gordon alike, we are taken along the next stage of Teds’ life gladly – and the films’ ending promises to leave you shaking your head with a smile on your face as you leave the theatre.


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